A secret to happier sex life

They are significantly less anxious and can control their behaviour on public. But what does BDSM mean? And more importantly, what does this mean to men and to women?

BDSM is shortcut for:

BD – Bondage and Discipline

DS – Domination and Submission

SM – Sadism and Masochism


It is good to say, that BDSM practices are about full trust of one to each other. It does not matter If you are in position of dominant one or the submissive one, but you either have control over the other person or you are being controlled. This can´t twist into one person getting abused by another. That is why you should never do this with someone you don´t know or you don´t trust to.

Very interesting is meaning of BDSM to women and to men. Men usually takes it as it is. As a spicy addition to their sex life or something they just want to do, because it arouses them. On the other hand, women have changed their view to BDSM recently. You are probably guessing why right now, and you might be right. It is because of very known bestseller Fifty shades of grey. Women are more open to sex experience involving BDSM, but they are looking for something more, than just a sexual experience. They are very often looking for their Christian Grey, who is going to love them based on them agreeing on the sexual practices. After such thing, women can be very surprised, that their Christian is not there for them in romantic and real life.


We definitely recommend for you to try bdsm prague https://mataharisalon.cz/en/bdsm. A light bondage massage with dominance play, light spanking, and other, is the perfect start. You will easily experience, whether this is something you might be up for or not. You can try the massage without your partner and see, if that is your cup of coffee. If you find it attractive, then surprise your partner with proposing it yourself.